February 8, 2007

Wolf Slaughter

The proposed slaughtering of all but 100 of the wolf population in Idaho and parts of Wyoming is being considered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife and the head braintrust leading the government of the State of Idaho, Gov. C.L."Butch" Otter. The Secretary (Kempthorne) has vowed to buy the first ticket (for the mere price of $9.95) to anihilate the first innocent animal.

The very same animals who went through a reintroduction process because of previous near eradication. It seems to be the a pattern in this country: Wipe out (or nearly) a species of animal, mineral or vegetable; moan, groan and boohoo about its decimation and loss to humanity/future generations; then self-righteously reintroduce it; only to commence eradication again. People playing God or just cow-towing to the deep pockets of lobbyists for associations with a stake in this and future slaughters.

Just remember the next time one of you laudable citizens of Idaho or Wyoming who approves this slaughter, when you take your grandkid to the zoo, be sure to remind them it was you who were responsible for putting that last wolf behind those bars because no more now roamed free in the wild. I'm sure your grandkids will be proud of you. Hey, you could always present them with that wolf-skin rug or fluffy tail you no doubt managed to salvage for a trophy.

The pattern will repeat again and again. Minds and values that support legislations and practices such as these will never be changed. And by the time they are, they've long been dwelling in their special rooms in Hell.

It is doubtful that anyone will read this on my lowly blog. But if you read it in time, please sign this petition from The Defenders of Wildlife to be sent to Secretary Kempthorne this petition to save the wolves. If the slaughter has commenced and no number of voices raised in protest has had a positive effect, it is still worth reading of the fate of these helpless, beautiful creatures.