November 21, 2008

Time Bush Is Removed From The Endangered Species List

As posted previously, this pox on our country's administrative history (aka: George W. Bush, Jr.) just won't go away quietly. Hasn't he already "gotten" the loud, clear and distinct message that the majority of voters in this country think he royally effed up these past eight years and the best thing he could do for the entire country (and Bush-supporters, too) is to at this point just keep as low a profile as possible (like he did during the campaign which didn't do squat for McCain anyway), say nothing, do nothing...and get the hell out of that big white building?

Yet, like some vengeful little kid who feels he's been unduly punished or rejected by his classmates because he wanted all the bats, balls and ownership of the field, he's pulling a "I'll show them...heh, heh, heh" . Read about Bush's last hurrah before slinking off into the Texas sunset.

For a listing of this sociopathic, paranoiac's last-ditch efforts to push through enough deleterious legislation - to the human, animal and environmental arena - check out ProPublica. Make sure to click on all the headings in the left-hand side bar for complete descriptions of each "Midnight Regulation" as they're called.

Just when you thought you knew how much disdain this man holds for the welfare of this country, he goes and pulls another pile of Bushshit out of his 10-gallon empty hat.