September 26, 2008

....And The 2008 Rubber Dodo Award Goes To....

None other than the Governor of Alaska, Sarah "I-see-Russia-from-my-house" Palin.

The Center for Biological Diversity has awarded its Annual Rubber Dodo (after the extinct bird) to the republican vice presidential-candidate-in-hiding for outright falsifying statistics from the Alaska Bureau of Fish & Wildlife on the shrinking polar bear populations in Alaska. The Bureau has linked their decline to global warming and urged, in its report, to keep the polar bear on the endangered species list. All three issues which Gov. Palin disputes and, apparently, decided the only way to discredit those findings and substantiate her dispute was to falsify the statistics when reporting them to Washington. What? Not enough wolves to murder from the air?

When describing Mrs. Palin's stance on global warming, the executive director of The Center, Kieran Suckling, said:
"Governor Palin has waged a deceptive, dangerous, and costly battle against the polar bear. Her position on global warming is so extreme, she makes Dick Cheney look like an Al Gore devotee.”

She had actually filed a lawsuit with the Bush Administration utilizing falsified statistics as grounds for removing the bears from the endangered species' list. Lies and falsehoods to which she subsequently admitted and a lawsuit she summarily withdrew as well.

The following are some highlights from the article which can be read in full HERE

"Palin repeatedly has asserted that Alaska Department of Fish and Game scientists found fatal flaws in the sea ice models used by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to determine the polar bear is threatened. When challenged, Palin refused to release the alleged state review. Independent scientists eventually obtained a summary through the federal Freedom of Information Act, revealing that Palin had lied: The state mammalogists concurred with the Fish and Wildlife Service determination that Arctic sea ice is melting at an extraordinary rate and threatens the polar bear with extinction.

Somehow, I don't think that's the only Dodo Award Sarah will win before this perfect example of The Peter Principle (look it up) is banished back to the frozen Great White North. I'm sure someone could round up another one for her "interview" with CBS News anchor, Katie Couric...

***Shivvvvverrrr*** Makes me cringe every time I watch this. If it wasn't so scary, it'd be hysterical. In truth, it's just plain pathetic and sad. I almost feel sorry for her here. Almost. No. Not really.