August 2, 2007

Caught With Their Pesticides Down!

The EPA in a rare instance of actually doing its job by enforcing hazardous violations, has fined Perfect Expressions, a garden store in Ely, Nevada, $14,000 for selling banned insecticides. The products, Green Light's Dursban Granules and Ortho's Dursban and Dursban Lawn Insect Spray were ordered off the market and out of production by the EPA several years ago due to the reported connection between harmful exposure of Dursban's active ingredient, chlorpyrifos, to children.

Apparently, "Perfect Expressions" weren't so "perfect" after all.

Organic Battle Lines Being Drawn

"NIMBY" may very well be the new slogan for organic lawn care advocates. Those homeowners who chemically treat their lawns may hear "Not In My Back Yard" mantras echoing over neighbors' fences... of those who've chosen a more earth-friendly, environmentally safer organic alternative to lawn care. This story in the Wall Street Journal includes a video clip of one woman who went over to the Dark Side (her neighbor's compost pile) and found there's life after pesticides and herbicides.

Lots of life.