September 26, 2007

I'll Have A Side Order Of Earwigs With That, Please?

Bugs in your broccoli or worms in your watercress may not be what you'd expect on your dinner plate in a chic eatery. But organically-grown produce presents a good news/bad news scenario appearing on plates in haute cuisine restaurants or treehugger bistros which pride their green selves in serving up all-organic foods. Some patrons may still prefer a pre-spritz of malathion on their greens if it means keeping their meal free of departed beetle carcasses .

Most customers, however, who are equally willing to jump on the green-wagon, are willing to over look - and eat around - any of nature's remains knowing the former creepy crawlies succumbed to either boiling cooking water, freezer temperatures or prolonged whirlpool baths of clean water ather than trace their deaths to the uses of any chemical pesticides or herbicides.

It still takes some getting used to digging into your mesculin salad and coming eye to eyes with a bug who equally enjoyed your salad in the field a few days before but never quite left his comfy home under that ruffled arugula leaf.