October 8, 2008

Bush Says "Okay" To Rocket Fuel In Drinking Water

Adding yet another stone to his 'grave' legacy, The-Still-President aided by pressure from the sabre rattlers at the Pentagon, have pressured the already impotent EPA to back off on setting limits for percholate in drinking water, ground water & wells.

From THE WASHINGTON POST STORY here is a quote:
"Some perchlorate occurs naturally, but most perchlorate contamination in U.S. drinking water stems from improper disposal by rocket test sites, military bases and chemical plants. A nationwide cleanup could cost hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars, and several defense contractors have threatened to sue the Defense Department to help pay for it if one is required."

This "rocket-fuel-laced percholate" occurs predominantly in states like California and the Southwest where much early aeronautic experiments were conducted. But it is pervasive throughout the country in varying degrees. It's those 'degrees' which the EPA sought to cap limits for drinking water.

But, despite overwhelming scientific and medical evidence to the contrary The-Still-President in his infinite wisdom (?) agreed with the Pentagon - which would have to compensate the Defense Department's contractors for cleanups as well as take ethical (?) responsibility for the egregious amounts of percholate in our drinking water - and strong armed the EPA into concessions favoring the Administration and the Pentagon.

Yessiree! "Country First" as usual. Which really means: The first one to get screwed is the Country.

October 6, 2008

So Just Who Won That Veep Debate?

Well, it depends on whose criteria was followed.

Apparently , Biden's and Palin's criteria were different. Afterall, she stated at the outcome that she was only going to answer the questions SHE wanted to. So right there, her guidelines were drawn a bit crooked.

Biden's criteria was to enunciate and support the Obama ticket and administration. His intelligence, capability and experience was never in question, nor an issue predicated on his success in this debate. So I'd say he not only met the challenge and qualified the criteria, but, overall...won the debate.

However, because the expectation level of Palin's performance was so low to begin with, her criteria to "win" the debate wasn't just to prove how qualified, capable, knowledgeable or smart she was. No.

All she had to do was prove just how stupid she WASN'T. And on that point, you betcha, by golly, at least that lil *wink wink* maverick managed to score at least one Not-So-Stupid goal in the soccer net. Of course, one goal does not a full game make. One puck rattling around in an empty net means there's still a lot of loose pucks in play, on the rink and in the empty locker room of her Tina Fey-doppelganger head. But, at least her Republican handlers could breathe a bit easier for a few moments...until the latest polls came out and it was time to strap on the oxygen tanks once again. Still, ya gotta give the good ole boys (and gals) credit. It was sure some awfully long, torturous 90 minutes, by golly, for those poor ex-Bushies to hold their breath. You betcha.