August 7, 2007

The Earth's Liver

If you consider the Earth as a living thing, then having "organs" with which to survive and cleanse its body of toxins isn't all that far fetched a reality. This article from The San Francisco Chronicle makes an interesting analogy between a human and an earthly cleansing organ.

The growing repository of Earth's human, horticultural and industrial waste lies in the digestive gut of the burgeoning compost industry. Recycling and processing of various and sundry wastes into viable properties. Much the same as the liver does for humans.

While this increased endeavor toward sustainability is laudable, the "liver" or composting facilities are also filtering all manner of toxins, pharmaceuticals and possible carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides. Is the Earth heading for cirrhosis or can we call an "intervention" on what we're putting into Earth's body and act preventatively? Is there any way to assist the Earth in its cleansing our castoffs?