October 28, 2008

Election Hopes

Normally, whenever I get one of those automated or as they're referred to now, RoboCalls, or even if it's from a live person soliciting whatever, I'll either hang up, say no thank you or tell them to call back later. Much later.

However, this afternoon I received a call from a real live person at my county's Democratic headquarters asking first that I vote on November 4th and secondly (in his words) "We'd like to encourage you to vote for Barrack Obama"

I smiled thinking that this was one of the few types of calls like this that I was more than glad to respond, and I did.

"Thanks for all the work you all are doing and, believe me when I tell you that you don't have to encourage me one bit to vote for Mr. Obama!"

I'm watching MSNBC at the moment and Nancy Pfotenhauer (that's a mouthful), who's Chief of McCain's Campaign is being interviewed. The sounds off if that's any indication of what I think of both her and her candidate.

My hope is that their 'sounds' will be permanently off after November 4th.