October 2, 2008

*Stu-pi-di-ty*: Constant Repetition Of The Same Thing In The Same Fashion & Expecting Different Results Each Time

I have had an amazing epiphany these couple of months: I am tired of talking to or communicating with idiots. I have - Tah-Dah! - finally realized the futility of it all. For someone who would rather relish a good conversation, I have resigned myself to (for as long as I can hold out) turning the other "silent cheek", so to speak.

Perhaps some of this was exacerbated by the current political debacle. I say "debacle" because in my heart of hearts I fear the overwhelming stupidity of so many of the American people will out. The lemming sheeple will in lock-step cast their votes for the same-o-same-o and President McLame and Vice President Pinhead will reign this November. Too many people base their opinion and votes on unfounded, unsubstantiated and unopposed sound-bites from a talking head and don't bother using their own.

Perhaps it's the unbelievable watching-paint-dry boredom & futile waste of time engaged in alleged 'open-minded' conversations. Perhaps it's the underlying hostile or outright dumb-as-a-post idiocy of the persons who 'populate' some gatherings I've confronted lately. Oh, I'll still masochistically attempt to volley a few words or raise my hand amongst people who usually prefer to sit on theirs. But I'm earnestly trying to strengthen my focus to cease and desist wasting words on the illiterate or on the opinions on the narrow and closed-minded.

Maybe, if come November 4th a spark of intelligent life is seen flickering on our horizon, and my pathetically indomitable hope for intelligible conversation manages to surface from beneath the sea of stupidity in which so many slog....maybe I might join the fray more vocally once again. Maybe I might consider that watching that paint dry really is more boring and futile. Maybe. But right now, that wet paint has higher prospects of garnering my attention, time and effort.