March 19, 2007

"Food" For Thought

The latest spate of pet food recalls from Menu Foods (see above) is major, of course. But by comparison to the overall horror caused by pet food companies on a routine, daily pales in comparison.

Purina, Eukanuba and Iams are all under the Proctor & Gamble umbrella which is in major part supplied and funded by Menu Foods Income Fund. (The subject of the recent recall.) Nestle makes Friskies, Whiskas and some others and also receives supplies from Menu. Believe me that the least of the problems w/any of these foods is this latest recall.

Some people reading this may not want to view any of the following video clips from these links, but even if you see a few seconds of either of them, I can assure you that you may never plunk down another red cent for any of the aforementioned foods.
Animals Suffer For Menu Foods
Iams Cruelty

Pet food companies that purport to be in business for the "sake and health" of companion animals are no different from many other businesses: they are in it for the money and don't give a rat's ass --- or a dog or cat's life --- how they make their almighty freaking buck.

I've tossed my Purina One and am currently using the remainder of a bag of Flint River I've had and will be purchasing more from my vet.

Sorry if what's contained in those links is disturbing to some. Sometimes visions such as these are necessary to open people's eyes to the sad, horrible truth.

Bear in mind that the issues with these pet food companies are not about the ingredients in the foods. Many - hopefully most pet people know by now the disgusting and potentially unhealthy ingredients that go into some pet foods and how imperative is it to read labels and know what each ingredient really means. This story has to do with how the companies that proffer such concern for animals by their touted "need to feed and care for our animals with good foods" has to deal with how these companies treat the animals which they keep at their testing facilities where they feed them their foods. And it's not just a matter of this dog or this cat in that cage or in those restraints doesn't "like" a new ingredient. It's how they keep them, how they force feed them and they experiment on them to see how their food is digested or not.

An informed public is an empowered public. Be informed. Don't turn a blind eye. Otherwise, you'll never see "It" coming.