March 4, 2009

So, Who's That Anti-Christ Again?

So, President Obama is being crucified (no pun intended) as the Anti-Christ, Satan, comparable to Hitler and Obama's younger supporters dubbed "similar to the Hitler youth movement" by the pathetic remnants of the right-wing, ultra conservatives, still hanging on by their crooked, hypocritical little thumbs (which they've obviously had up their asses for eight years while Bush et. al ran the economy in the crapper).

You think they'd have thought up better material after those eight l-o-n-g years.

My sincerest hope (beyond the success of President Obama's efforts to undo the harm done by his predecessor and his predecessor's corrupt lackeys) is that the Neo-Con-Right-Wing-CPACers hoist themselves by their own evil-spirited, sore-loosing petards. Besides, isn't a successful emergence from this economic debacle via President Obama's efforts a success for the entire nation? Or is that too much of a "Duh"! for the naysaying, bitching and moaning Republicans to wrap their heads around? And if they're going to poke holes, then what have they got to fill them up? ****sounds of crickets chirping****

Fortunately, however, they're going about shooting themselves in their own feet in the best way possible. They're still retaining Fox News (?) as their media cheerleaders and the cherry on the cake is they've elevated Rush Limbaugh, a drug-addicted, former disc jockey, as the Republican Party's standard bearer. Limbaugh: The modern-day Morton Downey, Jr. and Joe Pyne. Remember them?

To his credit, RNC's Chairman, Michael Steele (aka: the Republican's token Obama-wannabe) initially decried Limbaugh's pontifications and history of slurs and dismissed Limbaugh's 'alleged' elevated Republican Party status identifying him [Rush] as a mere "entertainer". But he soon recanted after Russssssssshhh ripped Steele a new one on his radio show the following day. No doubt accompanied by self-flagellation and much genuflecting at the chubby knees of Mr. Limbaugh, the now-humbled and reamed out Mr. Steele's fell on the Republican Party public relations' sword, begging forgiveness of The Big Cigar-Mouthed Lout for (as he said): 'misspeaking'.

Performing the ever-popular political cop-out ploy-tap dance, Mr. mewled: "I mis-spoke. That wasn't what I really meant to say". Which is ass-covering-p.r. code for: "I guess I didn't realize the nationwide clout this asshole has. So I'd better lean over (as Rush has suggested to so many Democrats) and pucker". Hypocrite? Yes. Pathetic? Oh, yeah. I wonder what Mr. Hughley thinks of this man he claimed to have great respect for after that initial interview? Hey, D.L., I believe the term you might be looking for is: Uncle Tom.

See the initial Michael Steele/D.L. Hughley interview and Steele's mea culpa: HERE

The elevation and status afforded this "entertainer"(that's debatable) hack as a spokesperson for a large, influential cadre of our citizenry is about as ludicrous as Joe The Plumber running for V.P on a Sarah Palin ticket in 2012.

Oh My God! The Horror!