August 22, 2008

Feds Overturn Still-President Bush's EPA Emission Control

On Tuesday, DC Circuit Court overturned restrictive policies of the EPA and the Still-Bush Administration's Clean Air Act which prevented local and state authorities from determining their own individual emission control standards for their specific locales and informing their citizenry of abusers. The American Petroleum Institute and Exxon along w/the EPA were amongst the most outstanding of those who opposed this decision. Whut a serprize!

States were seeking to formulate their own, individual higher criteria for polluting emissions than the limited, watered-down, rolled-back criteria previously mandated by the EPA and Still-President Bush.

Aw, gee, another hole blown in the ozone filled-head of Still-President Bush and his traveling environmental circus known as the alleged Agency for the Protection of our Environment as he continues till the bitter end to nuzzle Big Oil Butt.

Wait! Is that the sound of sad violins weeping in the oval office? Awwwww, gee.